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What I post? Hannibal, Hannigram, and I RANT A LOT! etc!!! And some TLR 2013, tho, I don't know for how long!

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Bio: Name's Red, 20s, Female. (Permission to use my fanfic ideas? Ask Box/or ask me by reblog it!). Hey, be sure to check the blog before you follow, one post can't tell it all.
  • Season 1: Will is crazy he needs help...
    Season 2: Will is a crazy killer he needs to rot in jail...
    Season 3: Will let him go!!! He needs to stay locked up in loonyville...
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  • I feel like this is us “Fannibals” while waiting for Hannibal season 3!

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  • Will: I want you dead!
    Hannibal: I want you naked.
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  • What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
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  • This is My Design…. STOP LAUGHING HANNIBAL!!!
    "No, it’s not!" Hannibal    
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  • zap-apple-acid-trip:

Godzilla 2014


    Godzilla 2014

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