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What I post? Hannibal, Hannigram, and I RANT A LOT! etc!!! And some TLR 2013, tho, I don't know for how long!

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  • zap-apple-acid-trip:

Godzilla 2014


    Godzilla 2014

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  • Hannibal would so do that….And will’s girly scream at end (stomping back to his room and slamming door)

    lol, *girly scream* nice, I can see that XDDD;

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  • Will: Ok, Hannibal, I don't know what blackmarket did you used, but I want you to UNDO THIS, NOW!!!
    Hannibal: But, Will, I think its suits you better.
    Will: You have NO right!!!
    Hannibal: But you do agree that its suits you better.
    Will: THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!!!!!
    Hannibal: It's not? Then what is?
    Hannibal: But its suits you more.
    Will: *screams*
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  • WTF? (-o-;;)

    WTF? (-o-;;)

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  • Warning: This chapter contains SMALL amounts of gruesome details. (sorry, only in this chapter.), and some sexual stuff, but nothing too detailed…

    I think (^^; ).

    Chapter preview:

    Hannibal vision felt hazy, at first, he didn’t know where he was, but soon everything is starting to come together. He was in the FBI halls, outside of Jack Crawford’s office. He looked up to the door that was half-opened. Hannibal walked his way to the door and entered the office. He was met with a beautiful sight; and smell, it was one of his finest idea..

    Title: End of Yesterday (4/?) » Links: FFN [+] AO3 [+]
    Fandom: HANNIBAL (NBC)
    Pairing: Hannigram (aka Hannibal/Will)
    Rating: T.
    Genre: Romance/Drama.
    Additional tags: Hannigram - Freeform, Fluff, Romance, Cuddling & Snuggling, Dating, Flirting, Kissing, Manipulation, One Shot, Possessive Behavior, Warning: Off-screen character death, Warning: Sickening Cute, Shy!Will, Team Sassy Science, Happy Ending.
    Timeline: S1, Apéritif.
    Summary: What if Will never interacted with the Hobbs in anyway? What if Hannibal kept on cooking for Will? What will happen next? [Hannigram, OOC, Cuteness, fluff, and death!]

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  • Will: So, now you have HER!
    Hannibal: HER have a name it's Cla-!
    Will: Oh, who gives a fuck!
    Hannibal: What can I say?
    Hannibal: I don't... have you anymore.
    Will: No, you don't and you never will. Go back to my replacement.
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  • I get this bad feelings about Hannibal S3… What if Fuller suddenly say, while Hannigram & Hannibloom were happening, Hannibal was also fucking his psychiatrist as well [insert horror here] HG&HB (((( ;°Д°))))

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