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  • itslucilebitch:

    Ok guys!!! I want to know Klayley’s please dont ignore and answer please I want to know people’s thoughts

    What do you think what was going through Klaus mind when he looked up and saw Hayley smiling back at him at his reaction to the baby kick ?

    imagejudging by his face what do you think Klaus thought at this!! very exact moment when he saw Hayley ?

    [ reblog this with your thoughts please I really want to know why you guys think what Klaus thought or told himself in his mind  ]

    She was the one who granted him this miracle (that he never thought he’d ever have) so gratefulness is one (which is rare for Klaus to show), and I believe that he really wanted to hug her, and say thank you in this scene (^o^)/

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  • LMFAO!!! Okay, I hate to say this but I won’t mind handing HIM all of those 101 dalmatians XDDD;, Fuck he’s HOT, the artist did a GREAT job at turning an evil creepy old lady into… THIS!!!! (๑☆‿ ☆#)

    -Will is probably glaring at me right now XD;-

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  • The saddest thing about SEASON 3 is that there will be no smiles or laughters; it would be depressing and angsty as fuck!
    A Fannibal.    
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  • Dean Winchester: His family’s punch bag.
    Lois Lane: SMALLVILLE’s punch bag.
    Merlin: Destiny’s punch bag.
    Stefan Salvatore: The Vampire Diaries’ punch bag.
    Emma Swan: Once Upon a Time’s punch bag.
    Chris Halliwell: Charmed/Leo's punch bag.
    Buffy Summers: Her friends punch bag.
    Neal Cassidy: Once Upon a Time’s DEAD punch bag.
    Will Graham: NBC Hannibal's punch bag.
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  • I guess this post [+] cheered me up a little. As long as they keep the REAL names, and do good job at translating; I’d love to buy the DC manga from this publisher… Now, however, I wonder where the fuck can I buy it online?

    (I guess it’s eBay time! @_@;;)

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