"I wanna hug Brian!!!"
— Me. (about Hannibal s2x08)
O' Hannigram Kiss!
  • Hannibal: *sparkles* I love you.
  • Will: I-! *cut off by Hanni kissing him*
  • *sparkles*
  • *sparkles*
  • *sparkles*
  • Will: love you too. *kisses Hanni again*
Write Me!

Writing sucks!!! Gaahhh!! But I’ll finish this EVEN if it kills me!!!! Which probably what would happen in the end (_-_;;)… Anywhooo, it’s amazing even as I write a fic, ideas keep popping up into my mind *eye-rolls* Warning this is a weird one XD;

Agent Franklyn Froideveaux!!! (did that give you a heartattack? LOL), yes, what if Franklyn was an FBI agent, who secretly works for Crawford, his job was to monitor Hannibal Lecter. Franklyn may or may not find out about Hannibal being the Chesapeake Ripper, but he sure knows a lot about the Hannigram File!!! Finally a good idea for pure comedy XDDDD; This could go anywhere really!

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

I laugh when my friends say: Hannibal was only smelling the “Encephalitis” on Will in (Coquilles). Nothing more!! Me: LOL, then why was he looking down at his ASS, not up at his BRAIN where the Encephalitis actually lives (-o-;;)?