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  • 6 Months Hiatus!!!
    This blog is on hiatus till April 3, 2015. Sorry, but once again I feel like all of what I’m doing here is pointless so, no more of [ that ] for six months.

    P.S. This will not slow down or effect End of Yesterday's update, you'll just have to check my FFN or AO3 account for future updates. :)

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  • devengel:


    lol must be a Will!lookalike for sure XDDD;

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  • I was re-watching SPN [5.08: Changing Channels], and I couldn’t help but to want a Hannigram version of that XDD; But with these shows instead:

    • Scrubs (the Dr. Cox/J.D dynamic)
    • Baby Daddy (Will ditching a baby on Hannibal, and…?)
    • Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (the Buffy/Angel dynamic)
    • Friends (lol anyone…)

    Oh and the evil Trickster who gets to trap them is Freddie Lounds XDDD;

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  • -Not the Angel/Demon thing, I know it’s been done!-

    • This idea has nothing to do with the world of Angels or Demons. It’s about a hidden angel in humans world, and he doesn’t even know he is one!
    • Hannibal Lecter was always fascinated with Will Graham’s purity, empathy, and such.
    • Hannibal also have been experimenting on Will (secretly).
    • What if one time, when Will is unconscious, his wings appear, or his healing powers reacts?
    • Hannibal gets to find out about Will’s secret before Will himself does, because Will thinks he’s just crazy.
    • This idea is not about the cannibal breaking the poor angel. I’d like to see it as an angel meeting “the lowest form of human beings” [insert all kinds of pain here] and even with being broken himself, he’d still try to fight for Hannibal’s damaged soul (for that I think Mischa and his family should have part in this too).
    • Will’s other [angel] powers preferably should come out at the end of the story, not magic idea fic, so the focus is on normal world, crimes, etc.
    • Realism!
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  • It’s been a while… (_-_)

    It’s been a while… (_-_)

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  • lavenus6:

    Yes, I meant to they. :3 I imagine that you spoke of Melin BBC, but I remember to King Arthur for the life past with your phrases: “the nex life…”

    By “next life”, I meant the next for both Merthur and Hannigram, Tristhad may serve as PAST, past life :)… But moving on from where BBC Merlin has ended in S5, and NBC Hannibal S2 finale. All the hurt, the laughs, etc. That’s all I thought about XD;

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  • lavenus6 replied to your chat:Next Life?
    Merthur with Tristhad & Hannigram?

    (BBC Merlin) I like the easy humor those two have and mix it up with Hannigram darkness, I’d like to see where that goes… and maybe some magic XDD; Tristhad? You mean Tristan/Galahad, yea, I guess :)

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  • Arthur: If I needed a servant in the next life.
    Merlin: DON'T ASK ME!!! (-_- )ノ
    Hannibal: My Will, what would it be in our next life?
    Will: ME & MY DOGS FAR FAR AWAY FROM YOU! (っ╥﹏╥)っ
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